So I've been threatened with banishment if I don't update this blog.
HONESTLY, I have 3 posts in "draft." Two are about the economics of urban design and parking based on a free market system and a third on midgets. Urban design is a passion of mine... and I have many theories on what would work better than what we have now--and midgets, well midgets are just inherently funny. No offense to the little people.

Okay, that's the tease. I went to work at 1.30a and it's 8p now, so I'm going to go crash for the night before heading to NYC in the morning.

G'night and g'luck.



Anonymous said...

If nothing else you got a post in for April.

Brian McLaren said...

whoo hoo... I just got a post in for May too, damn I'm good! My archive will be continuous even though I really suck at this!