Showering insights

I always think of weird stuff when I shower. The process is a 4 step one.

1. Wash Body
2. Wash Hair
3. Shave face
4. Rinse.

The tools of this process actually are pertinent for the post.

I use Dial. It's clean; produces a nice lather; rinses clean easily; and has a fresh smell that isn't too fru fru.

Tea Tree shampoo. If you haven't used this... it's powerful. If your hair could feel sensations, this flavor of shampoo would do it.
Like peppermint for the scalp.
If you're a GUY, you'll love it.

Edge Gel (latest purchase was the Edge Free with no added scents, colors, etc.). Edge just is a better shave. The dye free, fragerence free version has a very plain smell. It's almost like parafin or wax. The smell of sealing wax your mom uses when she makes homemade jelly or really cheap chocolate (which is really just parafin and food coloring--Think generic M&Ms or novelty chocolate bars that really don't have a smell like chocolate, but still smell like something).

My insight. (and why you should be glad I don't blog after the shower more often):
After washing my hair and shaving ...I noticed that my head smells like... Thin Mints.

I suck at blogging.


Anonymous said...

New to your blog and just read the Showering Insights story.
I would like to suggest a shaving cream from a local store for you, The Art of Shaving. You will have to look up the location.
Used with a shaving brush, preferably in the shower, it is great.
The shaving brush ex-foliates the skin and the shaving cream makes for a great shave. Used sparingly, it lasts quite a while. If you decide to try this, get them to show you how to use the shaving cream. I thought I knew how, but I learned from them. Not cheap, but makes the shaving expereince much better.


Anonymous said...

Ugh Dial is the worst...dries out the skin makes you itch...Not a fun product.

Edge is great your right. It was good enough for my..well you get the idea. It's been around for a long time. Why fix something thats not broken...ya know? No clue what Tea Tree Shampoo is. I am more of a Head and Shoulders kinda guy. (yes you may commence with the straight jokes...I've heard them all.)

Hmmm...Thin Mints huh? Sexy!---Jonathan