Recently I was having a conversation with my good friend Kevin about life, the universe, and everything. On the topic of happiness, he offered up a simple and unappologetic perspective on how to be happy. His theory on happiness boils down to two things. Find love and have a lot of money. With those two things you can be happy.

Other theories discussed were that you needed 4 things to be happy.
1. love
2. enough sex
3. working out
4. enough sleep
And when you really think about it... if I had all 4 of those, I think I might be happy.

Ultimately we reached a Darwin based theory on happiness. Evolution has made it such that our happiness is driven by wanting something more. Complacency leads to extinction... so you have to be improving or evolving. We're genetically tied to thinking the grass is always greener somewhere else. Thus the happiness theory is that you can't achieve happiness because it can't exist. Only the anticipation of happiness can exist. Once you achieve a milestone, you can't perpetuate that feeling of happiness because the achievement isn't the sustaining part, it was the anticipation of that achievement.


Anonymous said...

Easy way to remember the keys to happiness: LESS


It's surprising how much time and effort we devote to stuff that's not on the list.

Irvin said...

I just found out aboot ur blog, and i would like to say that the previous entry was very interesting, i`ve found out that technology decreases the capacity of an creator to create, as a student of architecture, i have been found in the world of lines that have no sense but the definition in descriptive and plain geometry. Which i dont say is not useful but is not enough, colors, watercolors, markers, paintings and even pencils have help me along the way (which is a very short way yet). But i cannot deny the advantages of thechnology itself, and to think that the new generations will be able to develope their imagination in the world of bites gives me a sense of hope thinking that our subject will not end up being technologically academized.
Ups, sorry i think i extended my comment too much, very sorry about that, u know when i am happy? when i do things i enjoy, like commenting all the above, sorry again about that ^_^