I Want One (pt. 3)

A better explainition of the techonology behind the first post.


Fancy Pants said...

that is too freakin cool. if you get one, can i see it? and touch it? seriously. in my dreams i'm an architect anyway, so i'm uberjealous of you. you have to post a blog about that thing if you ever get your hands on one. :)

Brian McLaren said...

it's $100,000 for the "stripped down" version

I'm going to try to make the red-neck version that you can read about in pt. 2's post using the wii remote.

We've got the software downloaded and the wii remote, we're just waiting for the laptops to come in for the new people so we can push an extra desktop down the food chain and use it for a dedicated presentation computer in the conference room. I WILL have it, muhahahaha.