A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Forum...

First let me give this disclaimer: I'm a bad driver.
I know I'm a bad driver, this is not news to me.
If you know me or have ridden with me, then this is not news to you either.

Now the blog post: I've enjoyed Speeding Motorcycles blog for a while. We first talked through some random comment I left on his blog. We also have a mutual friend, so we've randomly run into each other around town before. He's a handsome guy in person, and if you've read his blog, you know he's got the wit and the brain to match the sexy smile. Long story short, we were chatting on Connexion last week and talked about finally grabbing some lunch and visiting in person instead of via blog comments. (NOTE this was not a date. I have a system for what constitutes a 'date' and so does he. Lunch isn't a date.)

Today at noon, I have Ginger in the car and pick up Speedy next to his office in downtown. We head to a cool cafe near my office. We're passing under the triple overpass where Kennedy was shot, I'm looking over my left shoulder to do a lane change, and BAM, there's bucket truck/cherry picker changing out the sign on a billboard--right in the lane and right in front of me--not moving.

THIS is how I evaluate people the first time I meet them. I throw them into a crisis situation. Other popular first impressions:

  • Calling 911 about explosions/car fires (not my car!).
  • Blow outs/Flat Tires (usually at night).
  • Food poisoning followed closely by projectile vomiting.
  • Bank card is declined (a personal favorite of mine).
  • Hitting dogs and other small animals while driving on country roads.
For your viewing pleasure... My car:

For the record, radiators really do put out a lot of steam when you do something like this. I thought it was just special effects on t.v., but nope, they steam a LOT.


Fancy Pants said...

LOL, what a great way to get acquainted eh? I have to say, you're pretty cool under fire!

dan said...

well first of all, thank goodness you AND speedy were ok! ha
and then to say, I'm SO sorry about your car, also I hope you get another lunch w/ the guy because he really is super awesome.
good luck again w/ the car.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up...projectile vomitting? Really, that happened to you during a first impression situation? Sheesh! The other ones were good too! ;)